I train regularly in a gym and create my own training plan. Usually, I train 5 sets with changing numbers of repetitions. The break between the sets is 3 minutes for muscle-building training and 1 minute for strength endurance training. I’ve always stopped my breaks with the smartphone’s built-in stopwatch. However, I sometimes lost track of how many sets I had already completed.
So I wrote myself a small app that serves as a stopwatch and counts the number of sets at the same time.


  • You can decide whether the timer should count down from 60 seconds or 180 seconds, after reaching 0 seconds, the display starts flashing and the timer continues counting negative seconds.
  • While the timer is running, the number of the next set is displayed
  • Sets that have already been completed are displayed at the bottom of the screen. I have implemented one warm-up set and five normal sets.


I created the app with the Ionic 3 framework, which allows me to quickly develop a working app for Android and iOS using JavaScript and HTML. I don’t own any Apple products, so I only created an Android app. I made the source code available on GitHub so that it can be used as a basis for own apps.

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